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Welcome to all my old friends and customers who have been telling me to get this done FOREVER!….and to my new friends who are visiting me for the first time.

Here is my site for only Portuguese Water Dog Art all the time! I hope you find just what you are looking for and keep in mind that there will be new artwork up and coming! Now you will be able to view my artwork more that just once a year at the National Specialty!

A very big THANK YOU to all of you who have been so supportive of my Portuguese Water Dog Art over the years….and especially to those wonderful dogs who have provided such enthusiastic and beautiful inspiration!….A BIG PAW goes out to you!

Portuguese Water Dog Fine Art

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Special thanks goes out to my old (but young!) friend, Cathy Winker, from River Run PWD’s who originally encouraged me to develop my Portuguese Water Dog art because she thought these dogs and my style where a match made in heaven…..she was soooo right! She was so right that I’ve been kept very busy and made many, many lifelong friends for the last 13 years as a result of pursuing this specialty artwork. And thanks also to Verne Foster, good friend and fellow artist, who gives me such great input and ideas….she cheers me on as I do her….bark, bark, bark!

After my first National Specialty in Delavan, Wisconsin it has been a whirlwind that just keeps growing and expanding every year. I truly enjoy heading off to the Specialty every year, no matter where it may be: Wisconsin, California, Rhode Island, Maryland, Illinois, Tennessee, Oregon and so many places that offer beautiful new scenery , excitement and a chance to see everyone and visit with old friends and make new ones too! Each year the PWDCA Specialty that we look forward to, just seems to fly by and then I am headed home with great memories and already hashing over new ideas for the following year! Just a great opportunity to get inspired by having all those great dogs right under my nose all week! (and some under the tables, and on the tables, “but we’re just checking out the new shirts, it IS all about US you know!”).

I hope you will enjoy my gallery of paintings, prints, shirts, dishware & tiles…..I have many more ideas for paintings just tromping around in my head so look for upcoming new artwork & designs! Perhaps you have a special PWD friend that you would like your own painting of….I’d be happy to chat with you about that and see what we can come up with. Or maybe you’ve got a certain place in your home that would be a perfect spot for a special set of hand painted tiles…..I’ve been known to come up with some very interesting designs for a focal spot that you will enjoy and treasure.

Please also visit my other websites: www.TinaEvansFineArt.com and www.TinaEvansEquineArt.com

Enjoy the journey through my Gallery and thank you for visiting me!